Miniature lamps expert NICEBULB® established in 2000, produce Miniature Lamps, Sub-Miniature LED Replacement lamps

We can customize and produce various types of small bulbs for you, including any color, any voltage, anti-RFI interference bulbs, flashing bulbs, CANBUS car bulbs, RG0 standard bulbs…, high quality bulbs are widely used in airplanes, tanks, ships, automobiles, Motorcycles, industrial instructions, medical care, Holiday decoration, lighting sources…

NICEBULB® Miniature LED Replacement lamps are known for their strict compliance with safe circuits and high quality standards. We insist on providing the best quality bulbs, reasonable prices, best circuit design, low temperature and high light efficiency, and the best after-sales service

Our product designers have won many local industrial design awards and have more than 100 design patents in the field of Miniature lamps. We also have experience in processing and designing for brands around the world.

——-If you need a very professional miniature LED factory, NICEBULB® is the best choice. For the same type of products, please compare the appearance material, current, brightness, temperature and other technical parameters, ours is the most perfect size , More in line with actual use