LED Candle Light E10 spare bulb

Miniature low voltage bulb with 10mm diameter MES/E10 screw thread

Christmas Wooden Arch Bridge Candle Light Set



We have many type BA9S E10 bulbs, voltage can do 3.5V,  6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110-120V, 220-230V, or customize others.

LED Candle Bridge Arch Christmas replacement Spare Bulbs E10 Screw Lamps

E10 LED 0.6W 12V 24V spare bulbs, candle shape





Model: E10

Base:  E10

Actual Power: 0.5-0.7W

Lumen: 40-42LM (Warm white 3000K)

Size: Φ10mm*L65mm(Ø10.00mm Absolute Max)

Colors: white (2300K 2400K)

Volts:  6V-6.3VAC/DC , 12VAC/DC ,24VAC/DC (Dual polarity)

Cover: Glass / PC

Socket: E10 Miniature Edison Screw (MES) 

Shape: tubular


Anti Static bag:  100PCS/bag

Carton size:  48*28*28cm     2500pcs/CTN     16KG


Weihnachtsdeko Ersatzlampen
Replace Kleinschaftkerze 24v 3W Sockel E10

LED Tropfenlampe E10


LED-Stern A1s Sternenkette - White LED


Replacement Bulb for Candle Stick C10mm E10

E10 LED candle bridge lamp

Candle Bridge Window Christmas Decoration Arch Bridge Light

Miniature low voltage bulb with 10mm diameter MES/E10 screw thread

E10 23V spare bulbs for Plastic Star chains

Customized miniature LED bulb 360 degree light output

light bulb for chain, E10, 23V/3W, crystal-clear

LED E10 Moravian Star A1e/A1b/I1 Replacement Lighting Energy saving Lamp

LED Replacement Bulb for Star Chain 029-00-A1S


RADIUM Shaft-candle for Christmas lights, socket E10

Candelabra base (E10-E14), 120VAC, LED bulb

LED E10 LAMP 7 Candles Natural Wood Candle Bridge

C2 14V 3W E10 Christmas Arch Candle Bulb

C2 replacement christmas arch screw in cone bulbs

Integrated LED Lamp with E10 Edison screw socket

Christmas Festive Scene Wooden Window Candle Arch Bridge
Christmas festive scene wooden window candle arch bridge. Christmas festive scene wooden window candle arch bridge. Door frame decoration christmas pinterest christmas. Christian ulbricht ornament, window with arch.

LED Christmas Tree Light E10 24V/23V Dual polarity

LED version E10 24V

Box contains:
10 plastic stars, color: yellow, approx. 13cm ø - for attaching to the provided fairy lights (230 V)
1 fairy lights, approx. 15m long, distance to the lamp approx. 1m, cable to the first star approx. 5m, cable color: dark green
10 LED shaft candles each 0.6W
1 plug transformer 6V - 1.2A
For indoor and outdoor use - Fairy lights are weatherproof!
The fairy lights work in parallel, i. even if individual lamps fail, the rest of the chain remains lit. Defective LEDs are immediately recognizable.
The electrical connection is on one side of the chain. A return of the end of the chain is not necessary.
On request you will receive the necklace as a variant for USA (or UK with adapter).


Box enthält:
10 Kunststoffsterne, Farbe: gelb, ca. 13cm ø - zum Aufstecken auf mitgelieferte Lichterkette (230 V)
1 Lichterkette, ca. 15m lang, Lampenabstand ca. 1m, Zuleitung zum ersten Stern ca. 5m, Kabelfarbe: dunkelgrün
10 LED Schaftkerzen je 0,6W
1 Stecker-Trafo 6V - 1,2A
Für den Innen- und Außengebrauch - Lichterkette ist wetterfest!
Die Lichterkette arbeitet in Parallelschaltung, d.h. auch bei Ausfall einzelner Lampen leuchtet der Rest der Kette weiter. Defekte LED sind sofort erkennbar.
Der elektrische Anschluß befindet sich an einer Seite der Kette. Eine Rückführung des Endes der Kette ist nicht nötig.
Auf Anfrage erhalten Sie die Kette auch als Variante für USA  (oder UK mit Adapter).





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