T3 ¼ BA9S Bayonet Based LED Miniature Lamp

Description Model: E10-C7SMD2835 BA9SC7SMD28357 Actual Power: 0.5-0.7W Current: 80-100MA (6V) Lumen: 40LM (warm white) LEDs:7pcs 2835smd (3sides*2pcs+1 top) Size:L28mm*10mm Colors: red yellow blue green white Volts:6V 12V 24V 110V 120V 220V... Base: B


4.5VDC ,6VDC ,12VDC ,24VDC ,110-140VAC 

Miniature Lamp Type 6V No Polarity LED Indicator Light Bulb

Customized miniature LED bulb 360 degree light output


LED Lamp Type and CE Certification Ba9s led bulb for pinball

1MB-W-28-5000K#755, Lamp 755 LED Equivalent Miniature Light Bulb

1MB-W-120-5000K#120MB, Lamp 120MB LED Equivalent Miniature Light Bulb

Miniature lamp 120MB-1  T2 1/2 120V                
Mini Lamp 120MB  3.6w  T2 1/2 120V PK10      
Miniature Lamp 130VMB
Miniature Lamp 755 T3 1/4 6.3V



Model: E10-L7
 / BA9S-L7 

Actual Power: 0.5-0.7W

Current: 80-100MA (6V)

Lumen: 40LM (warm white)

LEDs: 7pcs 2835smd (3sides*2pcs+1 top)

Size: L28mm*Φ10mm

Colors: red yellow blue green white

Volts: 4.5VDC ,6VDC ,12VDC ,24VDC ,110-140VAC

Features: no polarity

Cover: PC

Base: BA9S E10


a) BA9S E10 for equipment indicator light, control panel dispaly light

b) BA9S  for auto indicator light


6.3V led bulb BA9S screw E10 base bayonet BA9S base


a) Highest brightness miniature LED light

b) 360 degree homogeneous emitting

We have many type BA9S E10 bulbs, voltage can do 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110-120V, 220-230V, or customize others.

mini LED E10 bulb

【The comparison between E10-L7 and halogen bulb (6V)】
  E10-L7 E10-L7 E10-L7 Normal lamp
Lumen 37.34LM 33.76LM 39.17LM 9.33LM/11.21LM
CCT 1849K 2106K 3132K 2301K/2344K
Ra 41.3 47.8 80 99.8
Volt 6V 6V 6V 6.3V
Current 104MA 86MA 92MA 29.4MA/29.7MA
Power 0.6W 0.51W 0.55W 1.85W/1.87W
Efficiency 59.84LM/W 65.43LM/W 70.96LM/W 5.04/5.99 LM/W

6V BA9S bayonet base E10 screw base LED lamp repalce halogen lamp

High bright 6V BA9S 7SMD 2835 LED indicator light no cover

New Design Ultra bright LED Mini BA9S E10 indicator light

High quality ba9s led indicator lamp

led lamp 6v indicator light

E10-C7  7 SMD2835 Ultra bright LED indicator lamp AC6V 10mm

PC Cover led lamp 6v 24v 120v indicator light

Customers use this LED lamp to replace below GLOW LAMP 

E10 base: 
(link see more: http://www.nicebulb.com/Industrial%20Lamps/Miniature_LED_Indicator_Lamps/2016/0112/119.html)

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